Hi, I'm Justin

Using open innovation and open talent, I’ve helped more than 30 $5-15BN companies to achieve $MMs in efficiency, sustainability, and innovation gains, and have built 3 businesses in the process.

Now I'm building a global community of AI engineers.


Here's a few things to ask me about over a drink:

  • I once quit my high-paying job, sold everything I had, and moved to Prague because of a book.
  • During the last days of the Soviet Union I was part of a scientific exchange program and stayed in a 'closed city' that was home to nuclear research institute and particle accelerator.
  • I've lived and worked for extended periods in 4 countries.


I believe that we are on the cusp of a massive change in applied intelligence.

If the last 10 years were defined by the explosion of data we generate, then the next 10 will be about giving people the power to put this data to use with collective, augmented intelligence.

It’s not just about new technology - it’s about organizing our teams in new ways so that people and technology together can solve problems more intelligently than ever before.

That’s why I co-founded Humyn.ai - we will give every business the power to solve challenges with data and every data scientist opportunities to do great work that makes an impact.

We are changing the way people do data science projects, giving them access to skills and talents once reserved for only the biggest technology companies.

Before Humyn.ai, I co-founded Unearthed to turn one of humanity’s biggest challenges into an opportunity. We all rely on materials and energy for our quality of life. Yet producing these comes at significant cost.

The team at Unearthed is driven to improve the sustainability of primary industry - we do this by connecting top innovators, startups and suppliers to opportunities with energy and resources companies.

I also am a founder and advisor to CORE Hub, an innovation and digital skills hub for the global resources and energy sector.

I organize the Industrial Data Science Leaders' Roundtable, a forum for professionals to come together to share, connect, and learn without promotional agendas.

I have run an accelerator and am proud to have helped more than 50 early stage companies reach new customers, markets, and investors.

I previously worked in Silicon Valley, for both a large network computing company and one of the first companies commercializing artificial intelligence.

I have co-patented several novel industrial applications of machine learning.